Welding Services:
BITS welding crews are proficient in many additional areas which are critical to tbe overall success of our weld overlay services, including surface preparation procedures such as abrasive blasting and air carbon-arc gouging, hydrostatic testing, heat treatment and non-destructive testing procedures, rigging practices and finishing of overlays.

Vessel Overlay:
Our vessel overlay service is an automated, high deposition weld overlay process applied to process vesselt to resist corrosion, and as weld metal buildup to restore pressure boundaries.
Thin Overlay:
In less aggressive industrial environments, extra thin overlay is recommended for corrosion protection of process vessels.

Boiler Tube Overlay:
The boilder tube overlay system is an attractive, lower-cost alternative to retrofitting boiler tubes in highly corrosive environments.

Tube Panel Overlay:
We can overlay new replacement tube panles for your boiler with our tube panel overlay process that assures consistent high-quality overlays.

Spiral Tune Overlay:
The spiral tube overlay process offers much longer tube life, reduces costly unscheduled maintenance outages and significantly improves boiler availability.

Automatic Boiler Restudying:
We offers field installation of studs using various procedures including ferrule welds, long arc and our exclusive Plunge-LokSM system.
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