Inspection Services
We can thoroughly inspect your power house and other equipment using a variety of state-of-the-art techniques, and provide recommendations to meet your goals: extending useful life, improving efficiency, reducing emissions or other issues that are most important to you.

Our engineers are certified, trained in conjunction with key industrial technical societies and continuously updated or issues such as inspection best practices for specific equipment types and failure mechanisms prone to each industry we serve.
Ultrasound Inspection:
We use ultrasonic technology to perform thickness, soundness or flaw detection examinations on boiler tubing, exchangers, condensers, tanks, piping and other equipment.

Radiography Inspections:
We can scan insulated pipes quickly while they are still in service for blockage, internal corrosion, corrosion under insulation and weldments.

Eddy Current Inspections:
We can survey ferrous pipes and vessel for corrosion through thermal insulation.

Inspection Programs:
Risk-based inspections help prioritize inspection work and determine which components need to be inspected and the optimal inspection interval based on risk.
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