We offer gas gensets with outputs from 5kva to 3000kva per genset. This results in standard power systems ranging in size from packaged units of 5kva and above, to the larger 3000kva incremental power blocks for industrial, commercial and utility grid support applications. These power plants are fully automated, and capable of unattended operation, including daily starting and stopping.

Applications include continuous prime power generation, peaking, peak shaving and standby service. These machines are ideally suited for simple cycle electric generation as well as simple and combined cycle cogeneration applications. The gas engine gensets CONI provides are the industry's leaders in technology and performance, and featuring the highest fuel efficiency and lowest exhaust emissions available on standard production equipment marketed in the world today.

The new Powergen series stand out for their toughness and high performance under the hardest working conditions. Powergen has applied new very resistant materials in the construction of the GAS GENSETS.

On Powergen generators, load carburation, speed and load are electronically self controlled, so they can operate at constant and limited emissions in spite of variation. The engine adapts to different qualities of gas wich even allows to switch from natural gas to biogas with no stops. A computerised module provides readouts of the spark plugs condition or allows ignition advance to be adjusted through external signals. Powergen generators may be fitted with GUASCOR engines POWERGEN generators with a detonation detection and control system. This enables the engine to work under the severest working conditions while avoiding the effects of persistent detonation.

- Reliable
- Efficient
- Economic maintenance
- Environmental-friendly
- Exceptional motor starting and voltage recovery
- Configurable to a variety of system needs
- On-site, residential, marine and mobile models

Guascor Generator
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