Contractual Services:
Powergen offers creative, contractually fixed price maintenance, operation, availability and performance services to create a business partnership that gives owners a competitive advantage. Contractual performance is a key influence in driving high plant operating output capability, high efficiency, high plant reliability and availability. These contractual guarantees place Powergen squarely in the same risk/reward position as the plant owner, creating a partnership working toward the same business goals, With a Contractual Service Agreement (CSA), your goals become our goals.
The focus is shifted from responding to individual incidents to optimizing overall plant performance for the long term. With aligned goals, we work together with you to help reduce your risks and maximize your returns. Gas Turbines:
With Powergen's maintenance service agreements, you get firm-priced repairs and a full spectrum of the maintenance options with no surprises. Our maintenance service agreements can help keep your aero derivative equipment running properly and minimize downtime. Heavy Duty Gas Turbines & Steam Turbines:
A CSA can reduce your gas and steam turbine maintenance cost risks and provide contracted performance guarantees to help maximize project upside. We can evaluate your plant history and content condition to find the optimum balance of cost, risk and value for your plant's unique set of circumstances. Turbines & Plants:
We offers a range of engineering consulting service to plant owners and operators. The scope of the consultancy agreements can include all mechanical plant, electrical plant, turbine inlet valves and balance of plant. Our contractual service agreements are unique to the needs of the customer and the study. Reciprocating Gas Engines:
We offer contracted performance guarantees for output, heat rate and availability for a mutually agreed cost. We can offer access to a network of more than 1,50 dedicated professionals nationwide leveraging performance-oriented research and development, advanced information technologies, integrated capital solutions and global product support. Oil & Gas Plants:
Oil & Gas offers maintenance service contracts that cover a broad scope of services. With RAM engineering supports, maintenance equipment plans are tailored based on the machinery's criticality and operation conditions. We also offer plant upgrade services.
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